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abss agm 2018


AGM Information

The 2018 Adelaide Business Students' Society (ABSS) Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held as per the following details:

Date: Wednesday 24 October 2018

Time: 5:30pm

Location: Napier G03 Lecture Theatre, University of Adelaide SA 5005

The AGM is open to all members (i.e. all students enrolled in the Business School at the University of Adelaide). All those in attendance must be or have been business students, this will be strictly enforced. 

Pursuant to section 6.3(e) of our Constitution, 'elections shall be governed by the committee and overseen by a returning officer whom shall be appointed by the Business school.' The Returning Officer is Andrew Klima who can be contacted at 

Please find attached:

Election Information

Pursuant to s 6.3(e) of our Constitution 'elections shall be governed by the committee and overseen by a returning officer whom shall be appointed by the Business school.' The Returning Officer is Andrew Klima who can be contacted at  

All committee positions shall be subject to re-election during the process of the AGM. No retiring committee member shall be eligible to stand for re-election without nomination. No other person shall be eligible to stand for election unless a member of the association has nominated that person at least 14 days before the meeting by delivering the nomination of that person to the secretary of the association. The election will be held at the Annual General Meeting on the 24th of October. 

Nominations are called for the following positions: 

  • The President

  • The Vice President

  • Sponsorship Director

  • Activities Director

  • Career Services Director

  • Secretary

  • Student Representative

  • Treasurer

  • Administration Director

  • Marketing Director

  • Education and Competitions Director

  • IT Director

Nomination must be made on the appropriate form, which can be found here:

The nomination form must be completed NO LATER THAN SUNDAY 14 OCTOBER 2018 at 5:00pm ((ACST) Adelaide Time). Nomination forms received after this time WILL NOT be accepted. If you are having any issues please contact Ali Amin at or the Returning Officer at Please ensure your photo is sent by the deadline. 

As part of the election rules, when nominating for a position on the ABSS Committee, do the following:

  1. Prepare a candidate statement (a maximum of 400 words if you are running for President and a maximum of 200 words if you are running for another executive position

  2. Provide a passport sized photo;

Your candidate statement and picture will be published on our website and any other medium the Committee sees fit to make sure students are properly informed on their candidates. If you do not comply with these requirements, your nomination will be invalid. 


Basic Eligibility

To be eligible to nominate for a position you must be a current student of the University of Adelaide, including being currently enrolled or previously enrolled in a degree offered by the Business School. 

Nomination to the position of President

If you intend to nominate for the position of President, you must satisfy clause 6.3(d) of the ABSS Constitution. If you do not satisfy clause 6.3(d), your nomination will not be accepted. Clause 6.3 reads:

6.3 Eligibility for nomination for the position of President

d) Nominations for the position of President can only be made by persons who have served on the ABSS Committee for one year (or the equivalent to a one year term). 

2019 ABSS Election Nominees

Nominees (unverified) List

Please note that this is an unverified list. A guide with candidate statements will be available in the coming days.